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The Slant

We riff on the everyday. From current events to what's up in our lives, we're laughing at it and hope you are too...

Dec 24, 2016

It's our 2016 Christmas Episode and also 2 year anniversary of The Slant!

Guests Comedians Rob & Greg Cardazone, Pat Haggerty, Antonio Giurato, & Darin Joseph


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Dec 12, 2016

From holiday encounters both good and bad to the battlefield of love and smashed chairs, join the the Slant crew plus our guest comedians Rob & Greg Cardazone as we take you through our experiences present and past. Get ready to laugh laugh laugh.

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Dec 5, 2016

One of our best episodes to date. Laughter through and through. From questionable holiday decorations to Sal and Lisa Sweet Cream being almost killed in the streets, and Sal embarrassing Lisa in public moments, you won't be let down. Guests comedians Calvin Henderson and Rob & Greg Cardazone. Also we forgot to...