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The Slant

We riff on the everyday. From current events to what's up in our lives, we're laughing at it and hope you are too...

Jul 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July!!! We're joined by Comedian Patrick Haggerty & Sal's BFF since 5th grade Will to continue the Slantie award season by announcing the winner for best guest 2016 & ring in America's 240th birthday! We do just that by nailing down these topics:

1. The hippy at Trader Joe's shaming Sal for using Samsung Pay

2. Lisa is a bit tipsy

3. Stories from Sal & Will's drunken, drug addled young adulthood

4. Sal's horrible but great XP gaining XP at Comics Watching Comics audition at NY Comedy Club

5. NYC madman shoves bags of his feces down pedestrians pants as they go by (still on the runs...)

...aaaand much much more. We promise.


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